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Wet Wednesdays!

Wednesday 12th April 2023.

What is it about Wednesdays at the moment?! Don't think we've had a dry Wednesday evening since the clocks changed, although at least the 45mph winds had been and gone by the time we met up tonight.

Still hugely flattered that, even with wet weather and the promise of hills there were still 11 people who thought "that sounds a lot more fun than staying in my nice warm, dry house" and who came along to the session tonight. Think it says a lot for the community we've built up over the past months and years - our members know that, no matter how unappetising a session might sound on paper, the reality is that we're hugely supportive of each other and create an atmosphere where having fun is much more important than 10/10 effort and smashing PB's every week.

As well as the continued trust and support from the members, I'm also grateful that they're happy to have the occasional easier "progression session". 5 of the club, including me, are running Manchester Marathon this weekend, with the Club Treasurer Natalie doing London a week later, and the last thing I wanted was a tweaked knee or pulled muscle as a result of a crazy sprints session that jeopardised anyone's involvement in either race. Everyone got through tonight unscathed, and I'm keen to see how everyone gets on across the next two weekends!

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