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Wednesday 5th April 2023.

2 of our new runners from the last session came out again tonight - for an interval session in the drizzle. Had the "no-hill guarantee" I'd shared on our Facebook post done the job?

Session was a 10 minute warm up, then 654321 intervals on a long, straightish, flattish and quietish section of the estate. 3 minutes fast out, 3 minutes fast back (that's the '6'), then a slow jog/walk for about 3 minutes to bring heart rates and breathing down. Then 2.5 minutes each way, then 2 etc down to 30 secs out, 30 back for the final (and fastest) one minute.

First time we'd tried this session, but seemed to go well - whether people wanted to absolutely push themselves or coast a bit and chat to a friend instead. More than happy for people to do that even in our sprints / intervals sessions, particularly at this time of year - I'm very well aware how much training people have done ahead of upcoming marathons, and i don't want that jeopardised with pushing too hard in a club session during the taper!

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